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Wednesday, November 26, 2014
Office of Academic Assessment

The resources on this page are intended to help you in your and your department’s assessment efforts. Some of the resources are specific to assessment at Brenau whereas others are for assessment in general. Links marked with an asterisk (*) navigate away from the assessment website. We are not responsible for the accuracy of information found on these sites.

Using Compliance Assist Online Assessment Planning and Reporting System


General Assessment Resources

Brenau Assessment Resources

Resources for Writing Learning Outcomes

Resources for Writing Administrative Objectives

Resources for Liberal Education Assessment

Resources for Selecting Sources of Evidence

Assessment Books and Periodicals available in the Brenau Trustee Library

Sample Assessment Documents


Dr. Haney's Rubrics


ELOs by College and Degree Program

*The list below is not exhaustive

ELOs by College and Degree Program

Assessment Workshop Resources

October 27 & 28, 2011 Assessment Workshop Presentation

November 3, 2011 Assessment Workshop Presentation

 General Assessment Resources

*What is Assessment? from James Madison University Center for Assessment & Research. Brief overview of how and why assessment is done.

*Assessment Handbook from Indiana University Southeast

*Assessment Planning Guide from California Polytechnic State

*Assessing Administrative and Support Units from NC State University Planning and Analysis archives

*Busy Chairperson's Guide to Assessment from Southeast Missouri State

*Assessment Guidebook from Bridgewater State

*Internet Resources for Higher Education Outcomes Assessment from North Caroilna State University

*About Academic Assessment from University of Denver

*Glossary of Assessment Terms from Northern Illinois University

*Assessment Methods from Stanford University

*Assessment Methods Description from Eastern Connecticut State University

*Fifth Year SACS Report from North Carolina State University

*Learning Outcomes Assessment from National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment

*Assessing Administrative units and support units from NC State University

*Assessing Programmatic Planning and Student Learning Outcomes from Eastern Washington University

 Brenau Assessment Resources

Planning Framework and Reporting Timeline

Liberal Education Assessment Reporting Template

Core Competencies Assessment Planning Matrix - Newest Version

Assessment Methods and Means in Rubrics Cube

  Resources for Writing Learning Outcomes

*Writing Program Outcomes from Texas A&M University 

 Resources for writing Administrative Objectives 

*Handbook for Administrative Assessment from University of Central Florida

*Writing Program Outcomes from Texas A&M University

Degree Qualifications Profile

*-Link to Lumina Foundation's Report

 Resources for Liberal Education Assessment

Rubrics for Evaluating Program Assessment Plans

*AAC&U'S VALUE project

*AAC&U'S VALUE rubrics

*AAC&U's LEAP Project - Redirects to AAC&U's Website

 Resources for selecting Sources of Evidence 

*Direct Vs. Indirect Measures from Texas A&M University

*Methods of Measurement and Assessment from the University of Hawai'i - Manoa

*Assessment Techniques from North Dakota State University

Books and Periodicals available in Brenau Trustee Library

Sample Assessment Documents

*Assessment reports by program from University of Central Florida

*Unit assessment plans from J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College


Brenau University QEP Critical Thinking Rubric (Insight Assessment) 

- This is THE Critical Thinking Rubric that should be used by all faculty across all platforms to assess critical thinking in various activities (including courses measuring the Critical Thinking Core Competency in the majors and in any courses meeting the Liberal Education Reasoning Outcome).                                                    

Brenau University PowerPoint Assessment Rubric

Student Service Learning Rubric

Writing Skills Assessment Form (Brenau)

Writing Skills Assessment Form-- adapted for Sciences (Brenau Health & Science faculty)

Writing Skills (Brenau)

Creative Writing-- Poetry (Brenau)

Creative Writing-- Prose (Brenau)

Oral Communication Skills (Brenau)

Oral Communication Skills (AACU)

Special Occassion Speech evaluation sheet (Brenau Mass Communication faculty)

Online Discussion and Team Presentations (Houghton College)

Annotated Bibliography (Brenau)

Civic Engagement Rubric and Guide (Brenau)

Global Awareness Rubric and Guide (Brenau)

Global Perspective (California State University, East Bay)



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