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Saturday, November 22, 2014     

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Student Printing

 Gainesville and East Campuses                   North and South Campuses

Students must pay for all printing on Brenau networked printers.  While many students have assumed that their technology fee covered printing costs that simply is not the case. That fee was never intended to cover printing equipment or supplies. The technology fee is meant to fund major infrastructure components used by the majority of Brenau students including the following vital services:
• Internet bandwidth
• Servers
• Software (Canvas, CampusWEB, CAMPUS, etc.)
• Backups
• Computer labs and classroom technology
• Wireless networks
• Helpdesk staff
• Firewalls and other network security devices
• Networking infrastructure
• Telecommunications infrastructure
Gainesville and East Campus Locations
Gainesville and East campus students will utilize WEPA printing kiosks, a print vending solution ( which allows students to print from any location - including their own laptops, PCs, and mobile devices.  Instructions for printing will be placed at all printers to assist students with this process. In addition, there will be videos on the intranet ( to teach students how to use the various solutions.
North Atlanta, and South Atlanta Campus Locations
North Atlanta and South Atlanta campus students will use the Print Manager Plus software to purchase additional print credits.Students will be able to add print credits to their accounts online using a credit card at Alternately - the busines office can accept cash and check payments.
The costs are as follows:
Black and White - $.09 per page
Color - $.49 per page
It should be noted that since student printing costs are being transferred to those consuming the resources, it will be helpful to students if professors will allow students to transmit assignments electronically (email, Canvas, etc.). We have asked that professors increase the number of electronic options available for student printing including email, Canvas, or other methods. We appreciate your support in helping us move to a more fairly distributed and environmentally friendly print solution.


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