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Tuesday, November 25, 2014
  ABA Line Therapists (will train)  
ABA Line Therapists (will train)

Job Description

ABA Line Therapist


What does the position entail?

This position entails working one-on-one with a very active two year old little boy, implementing a home based, verbal behavior curriculum designed by a team of licensed behavioral consultants (Early Autism Project, EAP, 


What is ABA and how does it work?

Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) is a teaching technique that involves breaking down a desired task into smaller teachable parts with measurable goals.  These tasks are taught by providing a specific instruction (along with a prompt, if necessary) and pairing the instruction with reinforcement to increase the likelihood of the child replicating and retaining the skill in the future.  Many skills are first introduced in a structured environment and then are taught across a variety of settings to ensure generalization.


Will I receive training?

Yes.  The consultants will instruct you on how to implement all programs and procedures. Since the program is quite dynamic and consistency is critical, training (both theoretical and hands on) will be provided on a continual basis. 


Once a week, an Atlanta based consultant will travel to our home in Flowery Branch to overlap and work one-on-one with the various therapists.  The curriculum coordinator from South Carolina will come monthly for team training (typically on either a Friday or Saturday). This training is mandatory for all therapists.    


Is this a baby-sitting position?

No.  This position requires very intensive work following a structured yet dynamic, interactive, energetic and customized therapy program.


Where does the therapy take place?

For now, 100% of the training you receive and the therapy you provide will take place in our home.  Additional school-based, training opportunities may be added as appropriate.



  • $10 per hour for training received
  • $12 per hour for therapy given

 All therapists are hired as independent contractors and will receive 1099 forms at the beginning of each fiscal year.  All therapists are paid by check twice a month (on the 1st and the 15th).   


Available shifts?

The shift schedule is still being determined, but will likely entail a 3 hour morning shift, and a 3 hour afternoon shift Monday through Thursday.  Please indicate your availability.


Start date?

January 2008


Length of Employment?

A minimum commitment of six months is mandatory for all line therapists.



Please contact Suzanne Holman at or 404-285-6475.

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