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Saturday, November 22, 2014
  Education & Wellness Teacher  
Education & Wellness Teacher

Under the direction of Executive Director, the Education & Wellness Teacher will design, execute, and evaluate health & wellness instruction at The Intown Academy.  This position must perform responsibilities in accordance with the policies, goals, mission VALUES and objectives established by the Metropolitan Atlanta YMCA, The Intown Academy, and Georgia Performance Standards for Health Education.  The Atlanta Falcons Youth Foundation has taken strategic steps to address youth obesity and lack of physical activity.  The YMCA has been a leader in providing physical activity programs for youth for decades.  Together, the partnership is creating a sustained level of fitness for youth, thereby reducing weight and health-risk factors. 



It’s the Education & Wellness Teacher's responsibility to inspire and instruct students to stay fit, to challenge themselves to meet goals, and to begin a lifelong commitment to health and good fitness habits.  The teacher will be responsible for communicating knowledge to students in an interesting, stimulating, and effective manner.  He/she will use a variety of instructional methodologies and curriculum resources to present material to students. The Health & Wellness Teacher must incorporate a health component and conduct classes in nutrition.  Furthermore, the teacher must integrate innovative teaching instruments like HopSports Training Systems, and evaluate the fitness levels of students via FitnessGram.


The Education & Wellness Teacher will utilize current strategies and theories to plan, organize and implement structured lessons.  He/She will educate school-age students on healthy living, exercise and physical fitness.  In addition, the incumbent will organize and supervise athletic activity during class and instruct students on proper exercise routines and techniques.  He/She must possess extensive knowledge of physical fitness, nutrition, sports and exercise.


% OF TIME               ESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONS:                                                

         50%                     Instruct students through lectures, discussions, visual aids, activities and

                                     other effective teaching methods for student comprehension.                    

         15%                     Prepare lessons and outlines to use in class that effectively cover the


         15%                     Administer various types of assessments to monitor students'

                                     comprehension of the material.                                                                     

         5%                       Monitors students in the classroom, at lunch or throughout the school by

                                     maintaining order and discipline.                                                                                           5%         Perform various administrative duties such as taking attendance,

                                     organizing the instruction area, and recording grades.                                                          5%         Coordinate parent/teacher conferences to review student’s performance,

                                     behavior and other issues.                                                                                                     5%         Attends faculty meetings and training sessions.                                  



1.      Must possess a Bachelor's Degree in Physical Education or related field.

2.      Must possess a Georgia Teacher’s Certificate.

3.      Have at least 2+ years of experience in instructional teaching, preferably at an elementary school.

4.      Must obtain CPR/First Aid certification within 90 days of hire.

5.      Must submit a cleared GCIC/NCIC before working.

6.      Must receive a cleared fingerprint before working. 

7.      Post-offer, pre-employment drug and alcohol test.

8.      Excellent written and oral communication skills.

9.      Excellent at motivating children and families.

10.  Must have computer experience.



The Education & Wellness Teacher will work as a team member, sharing common planning, professional development, curriculum design, and teaching responsibilities.  He/She will administer different forms of student assessments, communicate with parents and other team members about student progress, and plan for further instruction.  The Education & Wellness Teacher will be reflective about his/her own practice and act as a coach for team members when necessary.  The Education & Wellness Teacher must use assessment data to determine instructional lessons to positively impact areas of deficiency.  He/She will work to integrate technology into their teaching and professional activities.

The Education & Wellness Teacher must:

1.      Emphasize movement skill, fitness and wellness, self-confidence, safety, substance-abuse prevention, and social skills as outlined in Edison’s standards and objectives.

2.      Ensure instruction is in compliance with the Georgia Performance Standards for Health Education.

3.      Utilize regular opportunities to discuss fitness, health, medicine, and sports.

4.      Design integrated health and fitness lessons and activities in cooperation with the house team.

5.      Serve as a role model for personal fitness and a healthy lifestyle.

6.      Have motor skills necessary to demonstrate specific techniques and skills required.



Ability to actively demonstrate exercises, communicate with class, aerobic capacity to perform class motions.  Must possess ability to move and set up equipment weighting up to 40 lbs.  Also needs to have motor skills necessary to demonstrate specific techniques and skills required.


Effect on End Result:

Provide a safe, controlled and fun instructional program.  To inspire and instruct students to stay fit, to challenge them to meet goals, and to begin a lifelong commitment to health and good fitness habits.

The instructor should demonstrate the qualities expected of the school and the YMCA in the areas of curriculum, instruction, assessment, classroom management, professional responsibilities, professional relationships, family involvement, and school community.


Hours: Full-time

Salary:  $44,312 


Apply online:

Contact Phone:  No phone calls please

Close Date:  July 15, 2010


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