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Saturday, November 22, 2014
  Summer Activity Specialist  
Summer Activity Specialist

Provide leadership and skill in a specific program area. Able to organize and implement weekly programs for campers. Strong leadership and management skills. Able to work with children and supervise staff. Responsible for care of equipment.  Must hold one or more nationally recognized certifications in the appropriate activity area or have sufficient training.   Activity areas could include, but are not limited to: Adventure Challenge Course Facilitation, Backpacking/Camping, Canoeing, Archery, Mt. Biking, Kayaking, Boating, and Indoor/Outdoor Climbing.  This position is primarily focused on developing our Summer Teen Program ages 13-15.   General Function:Responsible for achieving the goals of the day camp through planning and implementation of activities, which provide guidance, leadership, values education and enjoyment for children served by the camp. Activity Specialists are directly responsible for the safety and well-being of children and staff in his/her care. Principal Activities:§         Be able to provide sound, caring and positive leadership for children and staff.§         Be able to recognize and implement safety standards in all program activities. §         Be able to participate effectively with staff in planning and implementing creative, Fun camp activities. §         Have a good understanding of the mission and values of the YMCA and be able to demonstrate and teach from those values. §         Organize use of equipment and supplies in order to maximize fun and reduce waste.§         Monitor equipment inventory and repair.§         Report any challenging situations to Camp Leader in a timely manner.§         Attend all staff training’s and meetings. §         Pass a criminal background check using State of Georgia guidelines. . PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS:Ability to traverse a wide variety of terrain including fields, forest trails and rock formations in such a way as to be able to assure safety and supervision of children.  Ability to climb, walk, run, stoop, squat or kneel.  Ability to lift and carry equipment to appropriate destinations or affect the carrying of such equipment.  Ability to use senses which enable safe supervision including seeing and/or hearing. END RESULT:Safe, quality day camp programs that meet the YMCA goals and objectives of providing campers with a positive growth experience.  Meets the mission of the YMCA.  Helps to provide a fun, creative experience which reflects an enjoyment and appreciation of the out of doors.  Hours: Part-time, Seasonal (Summer)Salary:  $7.95-$9.75 per hour Link to job posting:

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