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Thursday, November 27, 2014
  Summer Riding Program Coordinator/Barn Manager  
Summer Riding Program Coordinator/Barn Manager

Under the supervision of the Camp Director, in cooperation of other staff, and consistent with the YMCA mission, the Riding Program Coordinator is   responsible for achieving the goals of the day camp through planning and implementation of activities which provide guidance, leadership, values education and enjoyment for children served by camp.  The Riding Program Coordinator is responsible for horse care (8-18 horses).  The Riding Program Coordinator is responsible for a curriculum that teaches/guides good horsemanship, positive values and good barn ethics.  The Riding Program Coordinator is responsible for the safety and well-being of children in his/her care.  Riding Program Coordinator is responsible for the supervision of the Asst. Riding Instructor and Counselors at the barn area. The Riding Program Coordinator is ultimately responsible for, parent communication concerning the horseback riding camp, and other administrative duties as assigned.  The Riding Program Coordinator must take the responsibility for overall supervision of the barn area.   KNOW HOW:§         Be able to provide sound, caring and positive leadership for children and staff.§         Provide, to everyone, extraordinary customer service.§         Be able to recognize and implement safety standards in all program activities.§         Be able to participate effectively with other staff in planning and implementing creative and fun camp activities.§         Be able to identify basic horse health concerns.§         Be able to identify and organize the following: matching horse skills with rider skills, horse diet, and barn management and rider curriculum.§         Have a good understanding of the mission and values of the YMCA and be able to demonstrate and teach from those values.§         Pass a criminal background check using the State of Georgia Office of School Readiness guidelines and Pre-hire Drug test.§         Communicate positively with parents and staff as required.§         Offer positive reinforcement and proper behavior management techniques to children.§         Must have current CPR and First Aid certifications. PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS:Ability to traverse a wide variety of terrain including fields, forest trails and rock formations in such a way as to be able to assure safety and supervision of children.  Ability to climb, walk, run, stoop, squat or kneel.  Ability to lift and carry equipment to appropriate destinations or affect the carrying of such equipment.  Ability to use senses which enable safe supervision including seeing and/or hearing. PRINCIPAL ACTIVITIES:1.      Supervise barn area completely, making sure that all staff are creating a safe and fun environment for the campers.2.      Assume all barn responsibilities, making sure that all horses are properly cared for.3.      Plan and implement programs which will assist in the development of the camper physically, mentally, socially, and spiritually and which promote YMCA values: caring, honesty, respect and responsibility.4.      Teach the basic skills of horseback riding (grooming, tacking, and riding) as an introductory level class.5.      Assist in the social adjustment of a camper through positive group experiences.6.      Act as a positive role model while providing consistency in leadership and guidance.7.      Stimulate creative growth and development.8.      Responsible for safety of campers at all times including enforcement of camp rules and regulations.9.      Arrive at camp on time to start shift and complete shift before leaving.10.  Keep proper records as required.11.  Show consistent support towards other staff members and respect of personal property.12.  Build and maintain enthusiasm in all groups.13.  Execute lesson plans/curriculum as an integral part of daily program, making changes as needed.14.  Report all program changes and equipment needs to the Camp Director.15.  Maintain all equipment used for program in good working order.16.  Attend and participate in all staff trainings and meetings.17.  Report to the Camp Director any difficult or unusual situations. 18.  Share problems with the Camp Director so they can be solved. 19.  Facilitate proper group (riding instructors, counselors, and campers) behavior at all times.20.  Other duties as assigned.21.  Adhere to Metro Atlanta YMCA policies and procedures. END RESULT:Safe, quality day camp programs that meet the YMCA goals and objectives of providing campers with a positive growth experience.  Meets the mission of the YMCA.  Helps to provide a fun, creative experience which reflects an enjoyment and appreciation of the out of doors. Hours: Part-time, Seasonal (Summer)Salary:  $7.50-$11.00 per hour Link to job posting: 

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