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Friday, November 28, 2014
  Student Support/Health Careers Coordinator  
Student Support/Health Careers Coordinator



Southwest Georgia Area Health Education Center


1512 W 3rd Avenue

Albany, Georgia  31707




Student Support/Health Careers Coordinator




Re: Student Support

Immediate Supervisor: Preceptor Coordinator


·        Work with preceptor coordinator to facilitate clinical rotations for all health professions students. Duties are as follows:

o   Serve as a liaison between students and upcoming rotation sites, collect and supply student documentation, oversee travel stipends when needed, coordinate badge distribution, process hospital credentialing and correspondence.

·        Maintain AHEC housing.  Duties are as follows:

o   Assign students to houses/rooms in the Albany area or work with key contacts in neighboring communities to arrange housing for students completing rotations outside the Albany area.  Send out cleaning schedules and maintenance requests to the appropriate contact.   Ensure all housing paperwork is completed appropriately/within a timely manner and that students are abiding by the AHEC Housing Agreement.

·        Serve as a resource person for students, academic institutions, communities, preceptors, and clinical sites

·        Provide administrative support for Preceptor Coordinator

·        Maintain 3-month rotation schedule posted on office bulletin board

·        Maintain ADM database.  Duties are as follows:

o   Retain up-to-date rotation schedule including student biographical information, preceptor/preceptor site information, travel stipend information, housing information, credentialing information, etc.; input health careers data including student biographical information (if applicable), presentation information, program information

§  All data gathered must abide with both State and Federal regulations


Re: Health Careers

Immediate Supervisor: Executive Director


·        Develop creative programs for educating and recruiting students into various healthcare careers

·        Contact counselors/teachers/schools about presenting Health Careers Program to middle and high school students

·        Keep updated on current data and information on health careers

·        Maintain records of all students’ activities and classroom presentations

  • Facilitate good communication with the middle schools, high schools, and colleges within SOWEGA’s 38 counties
  • Plan, organize and implement Health Careers camps and other intensive programs
  • Career counsel students interested in healthcare industry
  • Place students in shadowing/volunteer opportunities
  • Act as the Research Coordinator during Pathway to Med School
    •  Develop research topics and surveys, facilitate research sessions, edit final projects

·        Other duties as assigned



  • Ability to use computer, Microsoft Word, Access, Excel, scanner, fax, and copier
  • Knowledge of healthcare careers helpful
  • Good planning, organizational, execution, communication, and computer skills
  • Ability to work with other team members and community partners
  • Ability to multi-task, prioritize, make independent decisions, organize, and assume responsibility
  • Understand importance of good public relations and communication skills
  • Analytical, conscientious, and creative individual desired



·        Bachelor’s degree (Master of Public Health preferred)

·        Willingness to travel and reliable vehicle

·        Enjoy working with middle, high, and college school students

·        Excellent interpersonal skills


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