ADA Accommodations Procedures for Students (Audio Version):

Accommodations Process:

  • Step 1: Submit documentation of disability (permanent or temporary) to the Learning Center Director/Disability Service Provider (DSP for the university) by emailing 

  • What is documentation?  It is something in writing (letter, report, medical records, IEP/504 plan from high school if a recent high school graduate transitioning to college) from a healthcare professional stating the following 3 things: 1) a specific diagnosis 2) what functional impairments this diagnosis causes you in the academic setting and 3) specific recommendations for how your disability can be accommodated in the educational/fieldwork setting.

  • The more comprehensive the information we are given, the better we can serve your needs. For example, a full psychological evaluation will provide more recommendations and potential accommodations than a letter from your doctor which only states a diagnosis with few recommendations.

  • Documentation should be current. Documentation should be dated within the last 3 years for permanent disabilities and within the last year for temporary disabilities such as injuries and psychological/emotional disorders. Documentation should reflect your current health/disability status. You may be asked to submit updated documentation for review each year if your initial documentation does not specifically state a permanent disability.

  • Documentation must be signed by someone who is not a family member of the student.

  • Step 2: Contact the Learning Center if you would like to discuss accommodations or submit your documentation of disability in another format, such as scheduling a time to bring by documentation in person. The telephone number is 770-534-6133.

  • Step 3: Once your documentation has been received, you will receive a welcome email from the Director with your letter of accommodations attached and further instructions. There is a 3-4 business day processing period after the documentation of the disability is submitted while it is reviewed and evaluated by the Director. Your letter of accommodations is prepared based on your specific needs and medical recommendations. Letters of accommodations are always emailed only to the student’s Tigermail university email address.

  • Step 4: Please note that YOU are then responsible for sharing this letter with your professors, academic advisor, and fieldwork coordinators at the start of EACH new semester by email. This is an important part of self-advocacy. The Learning Center does not share your letter with anyone but the student. You must share the letter of accommodations at least 3 days prior to receiving any testing accommodations in order for faculty and staff to make arrangements to provide extended time or reduced distraction environments. You are encouraged to share this letter with your professors right away upon receipt of the letter and then again at the start of each semester. Doing so right before a test is not acceptable. You must provide 3 business days notice in order to make arrangements for testing appointments at the Learning Center or to make arrangements with faculty to honor your accommodations outside of the Learning Center.

    *Please note a release of information must be signed in order for us to send a copy of the letter of accommodations to anyone except for the students him/herself. This also includes your parents or spouse. Due to FERPA regulations, only the student has a right to the letter of accommodations unless a release of information is signed at the Learning Center by the student.

 IMPORTANT TESTING INFO: In order to take your tests at the Learning Center, you MUST schedule all testing appointments by completing the testing appointment scheduling form for students minimum 3 business days prior to the test date.

To SCHEDULE COURSE TEST/EXAM APPOINTMENTS to be proctored at the Learning Center, please complete this form:

Your test dates will be listed on each course syllabus which you will receive the first day of class, so please plan accordingly! Many students simply make a list of testing dates for each course and complete a form for each date at the start of the semester in order to get all testing dates on the calendar in advance.

For questions regarding testing, please email

The Learning Center has limited space and staff; no walk-in testing or same-day sign-up testing appointments are available. Only students who have testing accommodations are permitted to take course tests at the Learning Center. Our business hours are from 8:30am-5pm Monday-Friday. We break for lunch from 12pm-1pm and there is not testing or tutoring offered during this time.

*If your classes are on evenings, weekends or located at one of our regional campuses your professor will work with you to honor your testing accommodations per your letter from the Learning Center. Your professor may have departmental or regional campus staff assist with proctoring for you. Please make arrangements with your professor 3 business days prior to the class testing date. The professor may ask you to arrive early to class or stay late in order to honor your extended time if that is one of the awarded accommodations.