Professional Tutoring and Academic Coaching Services 

Weekly professional tutoring and academic coaching appointments are available to all Brenau students. Our tutors provide one-on-one assistance with all core academic subjects. Academic coaches assist students with staying on track with course deadlines by teaching skills such as time management and organization. Many of our tutors are former or current professors, learning support specialists or experts in their fields. Services are offered at no cost to the student. 

Please complete this online form to schedule standing weekly tutoring appointments. Please indicate if you prefer virtual or on-ground sessions. 

Please note that it will take 3-4 business days to match you with a tutor. Once matched, you will have this time set aside just for you to meet with your tutor each week as a standing appointment. We ask that you prioritize and attend tutoring once scheduled just as you would attend classes. 

NEW: Smarthinking 24/7 online tutoring (accessed via the link inside each Canvas course navigation menu) can provide additional assistance to students on a drop-in or appointment basis.

Smarthinking provides subject-specific tutoring for courses beyond core academics. Offerings include: advanced nursing courses, accounting, graduate research, advanced statistics, and dissertation writing. Smarthinking is also a great option for accessing tutoring after business hours. 

Learning Center Tutors and Academic Coaches 

  • René Alvarez provides Spanish and mathematics tutoring. René teaches math at a local high school and has lived in Georgia for over 17 years. He studied at the University of North Georgia. He enjoys being outdoors doing activities with his family such as camping, biking and hiking.


  • Jessica Drexler specializes in providing tutoring services for international students learning English as a second language, as well as tutoring for literature, business management, marketing, and art courses. Jessica also works part-time with ON Language. An artist, Jessica is the owner of J. Drexler Designs which specializes in the creation of one-of-a-kind redesigned vintage jewelry. Jessica previously taught English abroad in Japan. She also has a background in retail management and marketing. Jessica enjoys photographing historic places and learning about local history.


  • Joye Fuller earned her Ed.D. in Special Education from the University of Kansas and her Master’s in Counseling and Guidance from Georgia Southern University. She enjoys traveling, cooking, and crafts. Joye provides tutoring in psychology, social work, and academic coaching for study skills, overcoming academic anxiety, organization and time management.


  • Amy Hernandez provides Spanish foreign language tutoring. In addition to providing tutoring services for Brenau’s Learning Center, Amy is a Spanish professor at the University of North Georgia. She enjoys reading and spending time with her family.


  • Tyler John earned his Masters of Science degree in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering from North Carolina State University. He provides tutoring for a variety of subjects including Chemistry, Biology, and Physics. He also serves as one of our academic coaches, assisting students with getting organized, staying on track with course deadlines and cultivating study/testing taking skills. Tyler also provides ACT/SAT prep and other tutoring services for Applerouth Tutoring in the Atlanta area. He has served as an assistant in various research labs and departments, specializing in alternative energy and green chemistry.


  • Dwight Jones provides mathematics tutoring including advanced mathematics courses such as statistics, college algebra, chemistry, and assistance with math-related assignments for health sciences courses. In addition to tutoring at Brenau University, Dwight provides tutoring for students at the Academy of Innovation in Gainesville, GA (formerly Ava White Academy). His hobbies include reading science fiction novels and enjoying time outdoors.


  • Dana Pudenz’s areas of focus are APA writing, graduate statistics (SPSS), graduate and undergraduate research methods, thesis/dissertation writing, undergraduate and graduate psychology, counseling and sociology courses. Dana is also able to provide academic coaching for time management, organization, study/test taking skills, etc. Dana is a graduate of the M.S. Clinical Counseling Psychology program here at Brenau and is currently working as an adjunct instructor teaching the Resources for College Success course. Dana interned with Student Services assisting students with career counseling and more. 


  • Kris Sheedy provides tutoring for doctoral/graduate level writing (including dissertation assistance), undergraduate writing/proofreading, speech and communications courses, and biology. Kris is also able to provide academic coaching for time management, organization, study/test taking skills, etc. Kris holds a Ph.D. from the University of Georgia in Speech Communication and a Master’s degree from the University of Arkansas in Communications. Previously, Kris served at the Centers for Disease Control as Associate Director of Communication Science for the National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases (NCIRD).


  • Kevin Torres provides tutoring in world languages. He earned his M.A.T in Foreign Languages from the University of South Carolina. He is an instructor of Spanish, French and Italian at the University of South Carolina at Union and an adjunct instructor of Spanish at Brenau University. Kevin also speaks German and enjoys traveling. 


  • Chip Underwood specializes in learning support and academic coaching for students who are enrolled in various programs of study at our North Atlanta campus. Chip is the former Director of the Learning Center at the Weber School in Atlanta where he assisted students with identifying and overcoming barriers to academic success. He helps students further develop core academic skills in areas such as understanding rubrics, writing, study skills, overcoming test anxiety, time management, confidence, organization and planning. Chip can also provide support for students who are in the thesis writing process or studying for professional board examinations. Chip assists with test proctoring for students at the North Atlanta campus as needed.