Professional Tutoring Services at Brenau Learning Center

Professional tutoring is available to all Brenau students, including those who are enrolled in online or evening/weekend programs and students who attend classes at regional campuses. Tutoring is a service offered by the Learning Center at no cost to the student. 

Please contact Coordinator of Disability Services, Ms. Crystal Ball, at to schedule tutoring appointments.

Information you need to know before signing up for tutoring:

  • Hours of Operation: 8:30am to 5pm Monday through Friday. We are closed daily from 12-1pm for lunch. If you need an appointment during the lunch hour, you may meet with your tutor at another location (such as the library) or via Zoom web meeting. 

  • Sessions take place at the Learning Center which is located at 530 Washington St. SE on the Historic Gainesville Campus, at the North Atlanta Campus, OR sessions can take place virtually online (using a webcam and Zoom) for students who are unable to attend in person.

  • Tutoring is by appointment only at the Learning Center. Unlike the Math SPA and the Writing Center, there is absolutely no drop-in tutoring offered at the Learning Center.

  • Make tutoring a priority! Please set alerts on your phone, use Google Calendar/write down your appointments in your day planner and hold yourself accountable for attending regularly unless you are sick or have an emergency. Please do not expect your tutor or Ms. Ball to remind you weekly of your standing appointments, just as you would not expect your professor to email you each week to remind you to attend class. Instead, you can work with an academic coach on how to set reminders on your phone, use Google calendar or find whatever system works best for you to stay on track. This is an important life skill that your academic coach can assist you in developing.

  • First to sign up, first served! Tutoring is provided based on tutor availability. If you ask about tutoring at the beginning of the semester or just prior to the beginning, you will have a greater chance of getting tutoring at your preferred time. The longer you wait to schedule appointments, the less likely you are to get your preferred tutor or time slot. There is an ongoing wait list.

  • The scheduling of tutoring sessions is prioritized by need with the order being as follows: 1st Priority: Students with documented disabilities (letters of academic accommodation), 2nd Priority: International Students/ESOL students and 3rd Priority: All other currently enrolled Brenau University students

  • Tutoring is limited to 2 hours maximum per subject matter per student weekly. We operate on a strict budget and must have limits in place in order to remain within the parameters of our operating budget.

  • Tutoring is free to you, but the Learning Center does pay our tutors for their time. Tutoring, in many ways, is equivalent to an unofficial scholarship. Please be responsible and show up on time for your appointments.

  • Failure to give advanced notice of multiple (3) missed appointments can result in a suspension of tutoring services for the rest of the semester.

  • Email your tutor and Crystal Ball as soon as possible if you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment.This is respectful of your tutor’s time and allows other students who are on our wait list to be offered the cancellation spot.

  • Try to pick dates and times that consistently work for you each week. Changing your schedule frequently often leads to confusion and you accidentally forgetting about your appointments.

  • Students should come prepared for their tutoring sessions and should treat their tutors with respect. You need to bring your textbook, course syllabus and any other materials you may need during your session. Using your time wisely during tutoring appointments and coming prepared to sessions can help you get your assignments completed much more quickly and then you can enjoy more free time during your weekends!

  • Tutoring is provided by professionals at the Learning Center, not by peers. Many of our tutors are former or current professors, former teachers, or experts in their fields. Please see below for information on each of our tutors. Let Ms. Ball know for which subject(s) you would like help and she will match you with a tutor.

Current Learning Center Tutors (Listed in Alphabetical Order)

  • René Alvarez provides Spanish and mathematics tutoring. René teaches high school locally and has lived in Georgia for over 17 years. He studied at the University of North Georgia. He enjoys being outdoors doing activities with his family such as camping, biking and hiking.

  • Jessica Drexler specializes in providing tutoring services for international students learning English as a second language, as well as tutoring for literature, business management, marketing, and art courses. An artist, Jessica is the owner of J. Drexler Designs which specializes in the creation of one-of-a-kind redesigned vintage jewelry. Jessica previously taught English abroad in Japan. She also has a background in retail management and marketing. Jessica enjoys photographing historic places and learning about local history.

  • Joye Fuller earned her Ed.D. in Special Education from the University of Kansas and her Master’s in Counseling and Guidance from Georgia Southern University. She enjoys traveling, cooking, and crafts. Joy provides tutoring in psychology, social work, study skills, overcoming academic anxiety, organization and time management.

  • Amy Hernandez provides Spanish language tutoring. In addition to providing tutoring services for Brenau’s Learning Center, Amy teaches Spanish courses at the University of North Georgia. She enjoys reading and spending time with her husband.

  • Dwight Jones provides mathematics tutoring including advanced mathematics courses such as statistics, college algebra, chemistry, and assistance with math-related assignments for health sciences courses. In addition to tutoring at Brenau University, Dwight provides tutoring for students at the Academy of Innovation in Gainesville, GA (formerly Ava White Academy). His hobbies include reading science fiction novels and enjoying time outdoors.

  • Rebecca Kim earned her M.S. in Clinical Counseling Psychology from Brenau University. She works as a Licensed Associate Professional Counselor (LAPC) at a private practice in the Athens area. Rebecca specializes in providing tutoring for students who are currently enrolled in research methods, statistics, thesis, psychopathology, APA style writing and other health science courses. She often assists students who are enrolled in various graduate-level health sciences programs of study.

  • Chip Underwood specializes in academic coaching and tutoring students who are enrolled in various programs of study at our North Atlanta campus. Chip also works as the Assistant Director of the Learning Center at the Weber School in Atlanta where he assists students with identifying and overcoming barriers to academic success. He helps students further develop skills in areas such as study skills, overcoming test anxiety, time management, confidence, organization and planning. Chip can also provide support for students who are in the thesis writing process or studying for professional board examinations.

  • Melissa van Epps has expertise in the subjects of writing, literature, history, philosophy, education, communications, and ESOL, as well as other subjects under the humanities umbrella. Originally from upstate New York, Melissa has traveled, lived, studied and worked all over the USA and Central Europe. She currently lives in Cumming, Georgia. Melissa received a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from Elmira College, a Master of Humanities in English from Tiffin University, and a Graduate Certificate in Instructional Design from the University of Wisconsin.  She spent three years living and teaching English in Budapest, Hungary and was able to travel throughout Europe during that time. Melissa has over 25 years of training and educational experience in both academic institutions and corporate organizations; including corporate/business training, K-12  curriculum design and classroom teaching, college/university instruction, adult education, ESOL curriculum planning and instruction, and freelance writing. In addition to tutoring students at Brenau University’s Learning Center, Melissa also teaches ESl, Civics, and Freshman Writing courses at Lanier Technical College. In her free time, she enjoys playing PC games, writing, taking classes, and spending time with her two cats.