Move-In Day for Fall 2020 New Students


Move-in is an exciting time for new students.   On Orientation day, you will be able to come to the Residence Life table at the Trustee Library and pick up your keys. Early move-in is only available to preseason athletes and theatre students (your coach/advisor will contact your with your specific arrival date).

Orientation / Move-in can feel like a whirlwind. Here are some tips to make move-in a little smoother:

  • Arrive on time – Please refer to your orientation schedule for specific times for check-in.
  • Make sure you have completed all of your required forms (Housing Application, Housing Contract, Health Forms, etc) – You will not be able to move in without these items completed.
  • Wear comfortable clothes and drink plenty of water – Moving personal items around campus will be tiring, especially August in Georgia.
  • Bring a hand-truck or dolly – This will make bulky and/or heavy items easier to transport.
  • Label all boxes as you pack them. When you are ready to unpack contents, you’ll know what’s where.  It is also helpful if you label each of your boxes with your name and room number.  This will help direct available volunteers to the correct room to deliver your items.
  • Break down all of your boxes and throw away your trash in one of the large dumpsters located on campus.  Do not leave your boxes and trash in the hallways, lounges, porches, or lawns.

Move-In Days for Returning Students


Check-in will be at the Owens Student Center Lobby

End of Year Move Out

date and instructions

Residence Halls close at 12:00 pm Sunday,  April 25, 2020

Express Check-out:

You can leave whenever you are ready! You pack up your stuff, empty your room or apartment, clean it and sign your Express Check-out form. Go to your RA’s room and get a key envelope. Put your keys inside, write your name and room information, and bring it to the Residence Life Office between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday – Friday. You may bring your key to the Security Office in the event that the Residence Life Office is closed. RAs will go into your space after you’ve left to complete a Room Condition Report.

Regular Check-out Steps:

  1. Sign up for your check out appointment with your RA at least 3 days prior to leaving. If you have not done the following by your appointment time, the RA will not check you out.  If you wish to sign up for an “Express Check-Out”, see your RA for more information.
  2. Empty room of ALL personal belongings.
  3. Dispose of all garbage/trash to outside trash receptacles. Do not leave boxes outside of your room, on the hall out on the front porch of your hall / house/Apartment. Do not place trash on the floor outside of the trash bins.
  4. Sweep and/or vacuum floor in room and bathroom.
  5. Remove all tape/stickers and any residue from walls, doors, and furniture. If you see that this is damaging the wall or paint, use a blow dryer to help loosen the adhesive.
  6. Clean your room & bathroom.
  7. Replace all room furniture to its original location within the room assembled (including Parklane Apartments – 2 beds, 2 desks per true bedroom)
  8. Have the RA check your room or complete the express sign-out information.
  9. Sign your room inventory checklist (RCR that RA will have) and return your keys.
  10. Have a Great and Safe Summer!