Please go to to book an appointments with the “Online Schedule.” All appointments are asynchronous.

Please contact Liz Wayson at if you have any questions/concerns.

The Writing Center offers support services to all Brenau students. If you cannot meet with us in person on the historic Gainesville campus, there are two other ways we can help you.

1. Online Writing Center

**Brenau’s Online Writing Center can now be accessed at** 

  1. Use your Brenau email address for all communication.

  2. Register for a Brenau WCOnline account using your student email. Visit this link to register: more information, watch the video for how to register for WCOnline:

  3. After you have registered your account, log into your account and go to the “Online (Asynchronous) Schedule” to make an appointment. You will click on an available appointment time, fill out the information in the appointment window form, and submit your paper for review. After you submit your paper to the appointment window, you should wait for a notification email that you appointment has been “modified.”

  4. You will receive revision notes from a tutor within 24 hours. Once your submission has been reviewed, you will receive a notification email. You can then log into your account, click on your appointment, and download the tutor’s attached feedback. For information on how to review your feedback, cancel, or edit your appointment in WCOnline, watch the following:

  5. If you have any questions, email Liz Wayson, Director of the Writing Center, at


2. Phone Appointment

  1. Follow the steps above to register for an account with WCOnline (

  2. Go to the Online Writing Center Schedule in WCOnline and make an appointment.

  3. When making the appointment, be sure to explain in the notes section that you need a phone conference.

  4. Be ready with your phone and computer when your tutor calls you at the designated appointment time.

  5. You will share the document with the tutor and they will guide you through suggestions for revision. Allow 30 minutes for your conference.

  6. You will receive a brief evaluation via email, and we’d love to hear from you to further improve our services.



Who uses the Online Writing Center?

The Online Writing Center is a free service available for Brenau students across campuses. If you cannot make it to the on-ground Writing Center in Gainesville, submit your paper online! Our tutors read papers from across disciplines and are happy to help at any point in the writing process.

Can graduate students use the Online Writing Center?

Yes, they can.  Our Online Writing Center is an option for graduate coursework with papers no longer than approximately 10-15 pages. For thesis or dissertation work, our fee-based Graduate Writing Services would be a better fit for you. (Email Director Liz Faucett at with questions about Graduate Writing Services.)

When will I get my paper back?

In most cases, a tutor will return feedback within 1-3 days. For papers longer than ten pages, a tutor will get back to you with an estimate on return time.

How do I review the tutor’s feedback?

The tutor will leave comments with Track Changes in Microsoft Word.

What if I want to submit my paper again after I work on your suggestions?

We’ll be happy to read it! Just make sure to fill out a submission form each time you submit the paper.

Who are your online tutors?

Our online tutors are all Brenau alums with extensive experience in writing. All the tutors worked in the on-ground Writing Center during their time at Brenau.

Why do I need to fill out so many forms?

We need the submission form for record-keeping purposes. It also helps the tutor best to tailor your feedback; the more information you can give, the better the feedback will be.

The evaluation form helps give us an idea of what we’re doing well and what areas we can improve in. Is there anything you’d like to see done differently? Please let us know. We can’t fix things if we don’t know they’re broken!