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24 Hour Telephone:

Campus Phone: 1234
Direct: 770-534-6202

North Atlanta: 911

If you require security at an event please complete the online security request form.

Campus Alerts:

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Executive Director

Marlon Galviz
Phone: 770-297-5896

Campus Security

About The Clery Report

Campus Security is provided at all campus locations through the Brenau Security Department. Brenau does not operate off-campus housing or off campus student organization facilities. Crime statistics for the Clery Report are gathered and reported by each Site Director. In addition to the Clery Report, an annual Fire Report is also maintained.

Annual Security and Fire Report

Your Safety is Our First Concern

We are fortunate to have a campus in a great residential area, but we are also aware of the fact that safety and emergency preparedness is necessary regardless of the immediate surroundings. On our site you will find information including general safety tips, severe weather procedures, links to information sources and more.

A few safety tips:

  • Be an Alert Walker. Walk confidently. Know who and what are around you.
  • Always Lock Your Door. It only takes a burglar 40 seconds to steal something.
  • Don’t Flaunt Your Valuables. It just adds temptation. Keep valuables out of view.
  • Identify Valuable Property. Keep a list of serial numbers. Engrave your social security number on valuables. Write your name in the same secret place in all your textbooks.
  • Determine Safe, Well-Lighted Routes. Don’t take shortcuts, especially at night.
  • Watch Where you Put Things. Your belongings may not be there when you return.
  • Shout for Help. If you are ever attacked or are running from an attacker, shout and keep shouting until someone hears you; call out a male friend’s name as if he is just ahead.
  • Be Prepared to Defend Yourself. Carry your keys in your hand when walking to and from your car. If you are attacked, you have a weapon. Many common items can be used as weapons such as: pencils, purses, book bags, etc.
  • Carry a Whistle. It could save your life.
  • Locate Emergency Phones. Remember where the emergency phone are located.
  • Always Lock Your Car. Never leave valuables in your car.
  • Check Your Car. Always check the back seat and floors as you approach your car.

About e2Campus for Timely Warnings

In order to keep you informed on safety and emergency matters, Brenau University uses the e2Campus system. This is a Self Registering system that is designed for individuals to enter their best contact information in the event campus communications have to be sent to those effected by an emergency. e2Campus is used by all populations of the university and you can sign up for the location notices that could effect you.

To get Timely Warnings, simply click the “e2Campus Alerts” option after you log in at  You will be automatically logged into the e2Campus system.  Registering your cell phone is the best way to ensure you get this timely information.  If you are not a member of the Brenau community, you can still sign up for the alerts by going to

Security Escorts

Remember that security is here to help 24 hours a day, but contacting them is key. So if it’s late or dark and you feel a little uneasy. You need an escort. Give us a call. Security provides either a vehicle or walking escort anywhere on campus.

You’re driving back to campus from the airport or work and it is late.
You’re apprehensive about walking from the parking area to your room.
Call ahead and we’ll be there waiting to insure a safe trip inside.
It will make us feel better too.

Title IX

Brenau University is committed to maintaining an environment free from all forms of discrimination. As a recipient of Federal funds, the University complies with Title IX of the Higher Education Amendments 1972. Title IX prohibits discrimination from any educational program or activity on the basis of sex, gender identity, failure to conform to stereotypical notions masculinity or femininity or actual or perceived sexual orientation. Brenau University recognizes sexual misconduct and/or harassment may create an environment of discrimination and has created the following policy to define, educate and address issues relating to sexual discrimination.

Learn more on our Title IX page.

Title IX Coordinator:

Emily Zank
Tel: 770-534-6191