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Brenau University Style Guide (PDF)
Updated March 2022

Brenau University Logos

Brenau University Logo gold and black

Brenau Full Color Vertical Logo

JPEG: BU_black_gold_vert.jpg
PNG: BU_black_gold_vert.png
EPS: BU_black_gold_vert.eps

Brenau University logo, vertical - all black

Brenau Black Vertical Logo

JPEG: BU_black_vert.jpg
PNG: BU_black_vert.png
EPS: BU_black_vert.eps

Brenau University logo, white, for dark backgrounds

Brenau Reversed Vertical Logo

*use for dark backgrounds

PNG: BU_rev_vert.png
EPS: BU_rev_vert.eps

Brenau University logo, full color, wide

Brenau Full Color Wide Logo

JPEG: BU_black_gold_wide.jpg
PNG: BU_black_gold_wide.png
EPS: BU_black_gold_wide.eps

Brenau University logo, black, wide

Brenau Black Wide Logo

EPS: BU_black_wide.eps

Brenau University, wide, white for dark backgrounds

Brenau Reversed Wide Logo

*use for dark backgrounds

PNG: BU_rev_wide.png
EPS: BU_rev_wide.eps

Brenau University Golden Tigers Logos

Before downloading make sure you have read through our guidelines (PDF) on how to apply the brand. Each logo comes packaged in a zip file including jpeg and eps files in spot color, black and white, reverse and other variations. If you do not see the version you are looking for or need a different file format, contact the Office of Communication & Publications at 770-534-6169.

Brenau Athletics Style Guide, Aug. 2018 (PDF)

Brenau Athletics tiger head logo
Brenau Athletics logo with tiger head and "B"
Brenau University wordmark

Download Wordmark Logo Kit (.zip)