Student Computer Requirements

In order to attend Brenau classes online, you will need to posses a computer (laptop recommended) and Internet connectivity.  While Brenau systems support most any modern computer manufactured in the last 5 years, this page has links to the specific requirements for each Brenau system just in case you have concerns if your computer will function with our systems.  If you’re still not sure, just email us at or call us at 770-538-4774 and we’ll talk you through it.

If you’re a technical person and would prefer some specific recommendations based on your degree track, please see this link.   Brenau has coordinated with to pre-select some computers that match the requirements for each program.  You can see those computers here:

Operating System Requirements

At the very least, your computer should run one of the following Operating Systems:

  • Windows 11, Windows 10
  • Mac OS X

The following devices types WILL NOT WORK for some applications and should be avoided unless they are used as devices of convenience:

  • Chromebooks (LockDown Browser is not supported on Chromebooks)
  • Tablets (iPads, Android tablets, etc.)
  • Cell phones (while we have mobile apps for many functions, a full computer will still be needed for testing and other tasks)
  • Windows 10 S-Mode (S-Mode devices cannot install apps not on the Microsoft Store)

Internet Connectivity Requirements

You will need Internet of at least 5Mbps in order to ensure you can access all video and streaming content.  Most Internet Service Providers (Comcast, Charter, AT&T, etc.) provide a minimum of 25Mbps so this should not present a problem.  If you’re using your mobile device for Internet (cell phone, mobile hotspot, etc.), please be sure it is capable of 4G/LTE or 5G speeds.

Web Browser Requirements

The “Web Browser” is the software you use to access the World Wide Web.  The most popular browsers are Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge.  Brenau recommends Google Chrome since Google also hosts our email services.  Please click on the (+) next to each software product to see the various web browser requirements:

Click here to see Browsers supported by Canvas

  • Please note that we recommend a minimum of 8GB RAM

Use Google Chrome for the best possible experience.

CampusWEB supports any of the browsers and hardware supported by Canvas and Google.

*Please note that some courses will also require a webcam and microphone so it is highly recommended that you purchase those if your computer does not already have them.  Most webcams come with an integrated microphone and most laptops already include both a webcam and microphone.