Brenau University Writing Center

Keep Calm and Write OnThe Writing Center is a peer tutoring service specializing in individualized conferences with students across all disciplines. Trained tutors help you at every stage of the writing process, from brainstorming to revising. We also assist with presentations. Students can book both synchronous and asynchronous appointments at

For more information on how to book your appointment, click the “Schedule Appointment” link to the right, and follow the directions to submit your essay and receive feedback from an online tutor.

The Writing Center will be open online only for Summer’21 semester. These appointments are asynchronous, and your paper will be reviewed within 24 hours of the date your submission appears on the schedule. For example, if you submitted your paper to a slot on Tuesday’s schedule, you will receive feedback by that following Wednesday.

On-Ground Writing Center Appointments will resume Fall semester, 2021. Students can book on-ground appointments with the “On-Ground Schedule” at

For additional questions, please contact Writing Center Director Liz Wayson at

**The Writing Center opens for Spring 2021 Semester on January 25th!**