The best way to schedule an appointment is online. See which schedule you should book with below.

On-ground (Virtual Synchronous) Schedule: CLOSED FOR SUMMER 2021

* This schedule serves those students studying on the Gainesville campus either in-person or remotely. International students are highly encouraged to book their appoints with this schedule.

* Video instructions on how to book and attend your virtual synchronous appointment:

Online (Asynchronous) Schedule: OPEN FOR SUMMER 2021

* This schedule serves students enrolled at satellite campuses or those studying online. International students are highly encourage to make synchronous appointments with the “On-Ground (Virtual Synchronous)” schedule for one-on-one sessions. 

* Tutor feedback for the online schedule is ASYNCHRONOUS. THESE ARE NOT FORMAL APPOINTMENT TIMES. Once you’ve submitted your paper to an “appointment” time, the tutor will provide feedback within 24 hours from your submission date as it appears on the schedule. Please keep this in mind when booking your appointments. Papers longer than 10 pages will require more than the 24 hours turnover time.

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**The Writing Center can now be accessed at** 

  1. Use your Brenau email address for all communication.

  2. Register for a Brenau WCOnline account using your student email. Visit this link to register: more information, watch the video for how to register for WCOnline:

  3. How to book appointments and submit assignments in WCOnline (You will receive feedback in less than 48 hours) :

  4. If you have any questions, email Liz Wayson, Director of the Writing Center, at

  5.  You can schedule two back-to-back appointments (one hour total) per day. Two hours maximum can be booked per week.

If you need to cancel your appointment for any reason, please call  log into and click on your existing appoint and click “cancel.”



Any information pertaining to the assignment

Assignment guidelines or instructions from your professor


Brainstorming ideas


Relevant texts and notes


Primary and secondary sources


Rough and final drafts of your work


Professor’s feedback on previous assignments


An open mind and a willingness to engage in constructive criticism