Job Opportunities at Brenau

Welcome to the portal for EXTRAORDINARY career opportunities at Brenau University. All efforts are made to keep the information you submit through the portal private and confidential. The information is used solely for the purpose of evaluation of your application for employment. Brenau University operates campuses in the locations listed. In addition to the physical locations below, the university provides online instructional opportunities to candidates that do not require a physical presence at any location.

Gainesville, Georgia
Norcross, Georgia

All submitted application materials are forwarded to the appropriate department for review. Hiring recommendations are made at the departmental level. Department representatives will contact candidates directly if an interview is scheduled or if further information is required. The information provided in each job listing below is the extent of what is available to interested candidates. No additional information is available.

Brenau only accepts applications/resumes for advertised positions.

Employees must hold and continue to maintain a favorable criminal history background. Brenau University will conduct criminal background checks on all persons being considered for initial employment. In some circumstances, an FBI fingerprint report may be necessary to satisfy the requirement. Credit checks may be performed on employees who are selected for a position that regularly engages in handling credit cards or other company monies. Due to insurance requirements, employees operating university vehicles must be at least 25 years of age, have a valid Georgia driver’s license, and good driving record. An MVR may be performed during the hiring process. All employees who operate university vehicles or who are employed in a sensitive position may be subject to post hire drug screening and random drug-screenings. All employees are subject to reasonable suspicion drug screening.

Brenau practices and believes in equal opportunity for all students, employees and job applicants. We do not discriminate on the bases of age, race, color, religion, sex (including pregnancy and gender identity), sexual orientation, national origin, disability, genetic information, military service, or any other characteristic protected by federal, state or local law or ordinance. These protections extend to all conditions and privileges of employment, including, without limitation, to recruitment, hiring, compensation, benefits, transfers, promotions, discipline, and termination.

Brenau University is a drug-free workplace as certified by the Georgia Workers Compensation Board.
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Retaining High Quality Professionals

Our investment of time and resources reflects our commitment to retain high quality professionals while providing financial protection to employees and their families. We foster an open door management policy, close-knit team members, work life/personal life balance and a personal and friendly atmosphere. 

In addition, our comprehensive benefits program includes:

Medical Insurance

Brenau University offers comprehensive medical and prescription plans, including an OAP Standard plan, and a High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP). Brenau underwrites a significant portion of the employee’s insurance cost and employees pay the remaining portion, if elected. Employees are eligible to join the plan effective the first day of the month following their date of hire. Brenau recognizes domestic partners under this plan. Current insurance rates can be discussed during the interview process.

Health Savings Account

Benefits eligible employees may choose to participate in our high deductible health plan (HDHP). Covered members in this plan may open a Health Savings Account (HSA) which is funded each year by the employee with pre-tax dollars. Brenau also contributes to help fund your HSA. These HSA dollars can be used to cover 100% of eligible medical, dental and vision expenses. If dollars remain at year-end, they roll over for you to use in the future. Your HSA is owned by the employee and is also portable, you take it with you if you were to separate from service.

Flexible Savings Account

A Flexible Spending Account (FSA) is a program that allows you to set aside pre-tax money from your paycheck to pay for a variety of eligible Health Care and Dependent Care expenses. The employee determines the amount of expenses incurred during the year and have equal payroll deductions withheld every pay period.

Dental Insurance

Brenau offers two dental options,; a low-plan and a high-plan. The difference between the two being the high-plan includes additional services such as orthodontia. With our plans, you can see any dentist you choose. Participation in the plan is voluntary and employees pay the full cost for employee and dependent coverage. Brenau recognizes domestic partners under this plan. Current insurance rates can be discussed during the interview process.

Vision Insurance

Vision insurance is an optional benefit. If elected, the vision plan allows you to use the benefits in-network or out-of-network. Members using the in-network benefits will maximize their plan.

Long-Term Disability Insurance

LTD Insurance provides income security to employees who are unable to work because of an illness or accident. The insurance is 100% Brenau-Paid for all 3/4-time and full-time employees. After the 90th day of disability, an employee is eligible to receive up to 60% of his/her monthly earnings.

Basic Life and AD&D Insurance

Each 3/4-time and full-time employee has a 100% Brenau paid Basic Life Insurance and AD&D policy. Your Life Insurance and AD&D policy is equal to 2.5 times your base annual salary, rounded to the next highest $1,000 with a minimum of $40,000 and a maximum of $500,000. Your spouse and children also have a 100% Brenau Paid Basic Life Insurance Policy. Face amount for spouse is $2,000 and $1,000 for each child.

Supplemental Life Insurance

Brenau has a program allowing 3/4-time and full-time employees to elect supplemental life insurance for themselves, spouse, and children at reduced rates. As a new hire guarantee issue amounts are available to you without having to answer any medical questions. Employees who wish to purchase this coverage after their initial eligibility period will be subject to completing a medical questionnaire and/or physical depending on the amount elected. The rates for this program vary, depending on the amount of insurance requested and the insured’s age.

Retirement Savings Plan

Brenau University offers a 403(b) retirement savings plan with TIAA. Employees may participate immediately, and Brenau will match your payroll savings up to 8% of compensation. The matching contribution is vested immediately and is determined by the employee’s length of service (some service credit may be granted for prior employment with other teaching institutions).

Tuition Waiver

After the completion of six months of service, employees are eligible for the undergraduate or graduate tuition waiver (undergraduate coursework available for spouse and dependent children). Also, reduced tuition is available through reciprocal agreement with many colleges and universities.

Parental Leave

A total of up to 12 weeks paid leave will be granted for the birth or adoption of a child in lieu of FMLA leave. This policy only applies to employees who have been employed for a minimum of 12 (continuous) months. This policy does not mandate the full usage of the 12 weeks.

Paid Holidays

Brenau observes 30 ½ holidays per year to include: New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Spring Break (2), Good Friday, Memorial Day, Juneteenth, Independence Day, Labor Day, Fall Break (2), Thanksgiving (3), Winter Break (7), and ½ day for employee’s birthday, (applies to 12 month staff employees, to be taken during the month of the actual birthday). In addition, the University will be closed half-days on Friday’s during the summer months (12). On July 1, eligible employees will be awarded with three (3) additional Floating Holidays to use at their discretion during the year, until June 30.

Vacation Leave

Vacation is earned based on the number of years of employment with the university. On July 1 of each year, the maximum number of allowable days are credited in full to each employee’s leave account.

Wellness Leave

New employee begin with one week of wellness leave, then accrue one day of wellness leave per month (at a rate proportionate to hours worked) i.e.: a full-time employee working 37.5 hours per week will accrue 7.5 hours per month for a total of 12 days per year. Wellness time rolls from month to month, year to year until you reach the maximum balance allowed.

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