Online Faculty and Staff ADA Training

The Office of Accessibility Services is committed to providing faculty and staff with convenient training opportunities relevant to federal disability law as it applies to higher education. In addition to the annual online Compliance Training (located in Canvas) which is required of all faculty and staff by the Office of Human Resources, the videos below may be accessed at any time.

ADA and Accessibility Training Videos

It is recommended that all faculty, including adjunct instructors, watch all of the videos below either individually or during department new faculty training meetings. Please feel free to reach out to the Office of Accessibility Services by emailing or calling 770-534-6134 if you would like to ask questions or discuss additional training opportunities.

Please Note: When viewing the videos below, simply click on the “CC” located on the bottom right corner of each video in order to activate closed captioning.

Disability Federal Law Overview:

ADA Reasonable Accommodations Overview:

ADA Accommodations Procedures for Students:

ADA Accommodations Information and Procedures for Faculty:

ADA Accommodations Scenarios for Faculty:

Service & Emotional Support Animals:

FAQ: “How do I add extra time in Canvas to online tests for students who have this accommodation? Can the Accessibility Office Staff add extra time in Canvas?”

Great question! The professor should be the one to add extended time (1.5 or double time per the student’s letter of accommodations) in Canvas. Staff do not have access to your Canvas courses and cannot add time for the instructor.


*Please email the Director if you would like to receive a PowerPoint presentation via email with step-by-step visual instructions. 

  1. Click on the Quiz/Test to which you need to add extended time.

  2. Look up at the top right-hand side of your screen. You will see “Moderate Quiz.” Click on “Moderate Quiz.”

  3. Once inside Moderate Quiz, you will see a list of student names. Click the box next to the student’s name for whom you need to add extra time.

  4. Once you select the student’s name, you will be prompted with a dialogue box that gives you the option to add “Extra Attempts” and “Extra Time.” You do not need to add extra attempts so leave that box blank. On the “Extra Time” box you will need to add the extra minutes. Most students are provided 1.5 time (it is rare for a student to be approved for double-time). For example, if the class gets 60 minutes to complete the test, you would add 30 minutes in the “Extra Time” box for a student whose letter of accommodations states “Extended time on all tests (1.5 time).”

  5. Click “Save” in order to save this extra time setting and then you are done! You will be able to see the extra time added underneath the student’s name if you go back into “Moderate Quiz” at any time in the future.

  6. Go back to the Quiz main settings page and check that the “Available From:_____ Available Until:_____” date and time is set long enough to allow for the students extra time to elapse. For example, if you have set a quiz set to be available only on May 1st from 1:00pm-2:00pm and a student with accommodations now has 2 hours to take the test, you would need to edit that setting and change it to be available from 1pm-3pm. Otherwise, the quiz will close automatically at 2pm when your student with extra time is still taking their test and should have one more hour of extra time they are entitled to take.

IMPORTANT: Please DO NOT change the overall time setting to add extra time for the entire class. You must use this method described above in order to maintain compliance with ADA. Adding extra time for the entire class and not just for the student with accommodations does not meet ADA guidelines.