Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where do I submit documentation of disability for processing or request an appointment to meet with someone about accommodations? Please email for all accommodations related needs.

  • Do you provide disability accommodations for English as a Second Language students? Only if the student also has a documented disability. ESL alone is not considered a disability in and of itself under ADA guidelines. Students who are English Language Learners are encouraged to take advantage of learning support services such as tutoring and academic coaching which are available to all students through the Center for Academic Success and utilize professor office hours for extra help as needed.

  • I want to keep my disability or medical diagnosis confidential, can I still get academic accommodations? Yes, we never provide information on diagnoses to faculty, staff or other students. You will be provided with a letter of accommodations which only states the things you need (such as extra time on tests, audiobooks, etc.). Your letter will not contain your diagnosis. We comply with FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) by keeping information regarding a student’s educational records private and confidential.

  • How are faculty notified of a student’s accommodations? The student receives their letter of accommodations and directions via email. These directions include sharing this official letter of accommodations with each professor via email at the start of every new semester.

  • I don’t have a diagnosed disability, but I think I may have a learning difference or learning disability, how can I get tested? Does your office offer evaluations? While the Office of Accessibility Services does NOT offer psychological or learning assessment services, the Brenau Center for Counseling and Psychological Services does offer this sort of diagnostic testing for learning issues. Students receive a reduced fee for evaluations. You may also make an appointment with a private psychologist or consult with your primary care provider for referrals to local providers.

  • How do I sign up for tutoring and academic coaching sessions? Tutoring and academic coaching sessions are offered free of charge through the Center for Academic Success (by appointment for professional tutoring or drop in peer tutoring). To sign up or to get information on drop-on hours, visit:

  • How do I sign up for test proctoring? Only students who have a current letter of accommodations may sign up to take tests at the Office of Accessibility Services. We do not offer any other kind of testing services. If you have accommodations and would like to schedule testing, you must complete this online form: 

  • Should I bring my laptop for testing sessions? There are a limited number of computers at the Office of Accessibility Services and most of the time, we have enough for everyone. However, we do encourage students to bring laptops if you can. Especially for nursing students who take tests through the Examplify program.

  • How can I sign up for a CLEP test? Brenau University does not currently provide CLEP testing. Students who would like to take a CLEP test can find an approved testing center on the CLEP official website, register for testing and find practice test resources. Students should list Brenau University as a score recipient if they would like scores automatically sent to the Office of the Registrar for processing. To view a list of CLEP exams accepted for course credit at Brenau, please see the CLEP guide section of the Catalog: