Upload your picture to CampusWEB!

By | November 17, 2015

We’ve recently added to new feature to CampusWEB to allow users to upload their own portraits.  In the past, the only way to get your photo on CampusWEB was to order a StudentID but with this new method anyone can upload their photo on-demand.  Simply log into CampusWEB, find yourself in the Student or Faculty/Staff Directory and click the link where it says “Click here to upload a different image”.  Please note that only .jpg files are allowed and the must be less than a certain size.  You will get instructions on how to shrink the image if it is too large.  Also, if you created a physical ID at FullIdentity.com, the photo you uploaded there will take precedence and eventually overwrite the one on CampusWEB.  Please be sure to upload the new photo there as well to ensure your changes are permanent.