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Graduating soon? Don’t forget Google Takeout!

** Please be aware that all Brenau student accounts will terminate after 2 terms of non-enrollment ** – Graduating Students: You can use Google Takeout to transfer all your TigerMail emails and documents to a Gmail account or just export everything.  See more at or

Graduating Soon? Here’s what to do with your TigerMail

Please be aware your access to TigerMail and other Brenau systems will end approximately two full terms after graduation.  Before that happens, we recommend you transfer your TigerMail emails and documents to your Gmail account at or (if you don’t have a Gmail account) export everything at

Please Update Your Account Recovery Settings

Account Recovery Setup: Click on your username at the top-right of this page and select “My Account” (you will be asked to log in again) and then click Account Recovery Options.  Be sure to take the time to add your cell phone as a recovery option.  You can update your personal email in CampusWEB under… Read More »

Faculty/Staff Salutations in CampusWEB Directory

In order to assist students with addressing faculty and staff using their correct salutation (Mr, Dr, Ms. etc), we have recently added this information to the CampusWEB directory.  Please take the time to review your entry in the CampusWEB directory and ensure your entry is correct.  If not, you can contact Hannah Ivester (Staff) or… Read More »

Upload your picture to CampusWEB!

We’ve recently added to new feature to CampusWEB to allow users to upload their own portraits.  In the past, the only way to get your photo on CampusWEB was to order a StudentID but with this new method anyone can upload their photo on-demand.  Simply log into CampusWEB, find yourself in the Student or Faculty/Staff… Read More »

Additional WEPA Terminals Added

WEPA student printing terminals have now been added at the Downtown Center, Augusta Campus. North Atlanta Campus, and South Atlanta Campus.  This means all Brenau student printing kiosks are on the same system and students no longer have to contend with different systems depending on their campus.  You can read more about WEPA print  kiosks… Read More »

Cable TV Information for Residential Students

If you are a residential student and plan on bringing a television to campus,  please see the attached document that describes what you need.  It is very important that you purchase a television with a QAM-capable tuner or it will not function. Brenau TV Setup Guide – Includes setup instructions and channel guide. Learn more about… Read More »

Tea Room Open for the Summer

The Tea Room is planning to be open Mon-Thurs this Summer from 8AM-1PM weekdays.  The more business they get –  they more likely they are to stay open so please keep that in mind!

Student Satisfaction Survey for Information Technology

It’s that time of year again when you get to tell us what we’re doing right, what we’re doing wrong, and how we can provide you with a better technology experience!   The survey should only take about 5 minutes and has only 4 pages.  Thank you for your time.  Click the following link to… Read More »

Office 365 Free for Students, Faculty, and Staff

If you need a copy of Office 365 for your personal computer, you can download it for free at  Just be sure to register using your Brenau-issued email address (should end in or to ensure you will qualify for the offer.  Enjoy!!