How to Qualify for Accommodations

By | February 17, 2016

Steps to qualify for accommodations:

First Step: Contact the Learning Center at the Gainesville, Georgia campus. You can call, email, or come by the Learning Center, but you MUST contact the Learning Center in order to get the process started. Point Person for this is Crystal S. Ball, Office Manager and Testing Coordinator, who can be reached via phone at 770.534.6133, via email at, or in person at the Learning Center which is located at 530 Washington Street SE Gainesville, Georgia.

Second Step: After you contact the Learning Center is to obtain documentation of your disability. What is documentation?  It is something in writing by a medical or mental health professional stating specifically what your disability is. (The more comprehensive the information we are given, the better we can serve your needs.)

Third Step: Please know that there is a 3 business day processing period. After the documentation of the disability is submitted, it is reviewed and evaluated. Then, your letter of accommodations is written. The Learning Center can share your letter of accommodations with your professors if you wish. Please know that you must agree to allow or request the Learning Center to share information about your testing accommodations with your professors before this can be done.

Fourth Step: The letter of accommodations is finished and ready for use. The Learning Center will contact you about options on how to get the letter. If pick up in person is not convenient, the letter can be mailed, scanned and emailed, or faxed to you. At this time, you are asked if you want to share the letter with your professors yourself or if you would like the Learning Center to share it with your professors.

Fifth Step: If you decided to share the letter of accommodations with your professors yourself instead of having the Learning Center do it, you must act quickly. You must share the letter of accommodations prior to receiving any testing accommodations. You are encouraged to share this with your professors as soon as possible. Doing it right before a test is not acceptable unless you got it at that time.