By | February 17, 2016

How do I get tutoring?

Tutoring is a service we offer at the Learning Center. There are a few basic things you need to know before signing up for tutoring. Please see below:

  • Tutoring is Free to you, but the Learning Center does pay the tutors for their time. It is like you are getting an unofficial scholarship when you take advantage of tutoring.
  • Tutoring is by appointment only at the Learning Center. Unlike the Math Spa and the Writing Center, tutoring here is by appointment only. (Contact Crystal Ball for tutoring appointments; see Staff Contact Information.)
  • Tutoring is done by professionals at the Learning Center, not by peers. There is no peer tutoring at the Learning Center; we hire degreed professionals who have experience in the subject matter.
  • Tutoring is important! When you commit to tutoring, you have an obligation to be sure to make all of your tutoring sessions and to be on time. Failure to give advanced notice of multiple missed appointments may result in a suspension of tutoring services for the rest of the semester. Students should be prepared for their tutoring sessions and should treat their tutors with respect.
  • Time is of the essence! Tutoring is provided based on tutor availability. If you ask about tutoring at the beginning of the semester or just prior to the beginning, you will have a greater chance of getting tutoring due to availability issues.
  • Tutoring is NOT available during the summer and is ONLY available on the main Gainesville campus Monday through Thursday, 9am till 4pm by appointment.

What subjects do we offer tutoring in at the Learning Center? I am glad you asked!  Please see below for information on our tutors and on what subjects are covered:

(Tutors Listed in Alphabetical Order)

  • Jeanine Blachly
    • French
    • Science Including Biology, Chemistry, and Organic Chemistry


  • Dana Bryan
    • Study Skills
    • Organization and Time Management
    • Test Taking Strategies


  • Karen Collins
    • English/Literature
    • ESL (English as a Second Language)
    • Writing Papers


  • Dudley Davis
    • History
    • Art
    • Interior Design


  • Joye Fuller
    • Psychology
    • Study Skills
    • Organization and Time Management


  • Amy Hernandez
    • Spanish


  • Dwight Jones
    • Math including Statistics and College Algebra
    • Chemistry


  • Maria C. Murphy
    • English as a Second Language
    • English/Literature
    • Writing Papers


  • Jennifer Wilson Loggins
    • Psychology
    • Business