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Office of Accessibility Services

Brenau University is committed to creating an inclusive learning environment where all students are supported with personalized care. Disability, neurodiversity and learning differences are valued as intersectional aspects of diversity, equity and inclusion. Taking an individualized and collaborative approach, we work with students, faculty and staff to create an equitable, fully accessible educational experience for each student. We equip students who have documented disabilities with reasonable accommodations and offer guidance navigating every step of the accommodations process. It is our mission to empower students to find their strengths and develop strong self-advocacy skills. Training is provided for faculty and staff as we work to remove barriers to educational access. We also connect students with additional campus support resources, such as tutoring, academic coaching, career counseling, mental health services, and peer support as well as community resources as needed. We believe that an accessible and supported educational experience benefits everyone.

Connect with Accessibility Services Staff

General information and assistance call 770-534-6133
To request academic accommodations or submit confidential documents of disability email or call 770-534-6134 for assistance.

Documentation may also be faxed to 770-297-5883 or mailed to

Brenau University
Box 27 ATTN: Director
500 Washington St. SE
Gainesville, GA 30501

Schedule Test Proctoring Appointments


  1. communicate with your professor regarding making a testing plan
  2. complete this online form to book your testing appointments if you need to test with a proctor at the Office of Accessibility Services in lieu of testing in the classroom with your professor.


If you would like to request a virtual proctor to provide supervision via Zoom for small groups of students who have approved accommodations who will be testing at locations other than the Office of Accessibility Services may complete this form to book a proctor: Virtual Proctor Faculty Request Form.

*One week advance notice for scheduling of proctors is required due to limited staff and space in order to ensure proctor availability.

Faculty and students may also email for assistance or to confirm/cancel appointments.

Communicate with each professor at the beginning of each new semester to make a testing plan for each class. Some tests may be proctored by faculty who may ask you to arrive early or stay late (at their discretion). Other tests may be taken online from home using Respondus Monitor and do not require an additional proctor.

Please schedule all testing appointments which require a proctor at the start of each new semester by checking your course syllabi for scheduled upcoming testing dates.

Connect with Tutoring and Academic Coaching Services

All tutoring and academic coaching services are provided by the Center for Academic Success and available to all students free of charge. No documentation of disability is required.

Weekly standing appointments are strongly recommended for students with accommodations who would benefit from structured, ongoing intensive support. Students may also use the drop-in peer tutoring services as needed. Email for more information or visit the Center for Academic Success intranet site.