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F -1 Student Immigration Information for Faculty and Staff at Brenau

If you or your student have questions about his/her status, please contact the director of international students & programs.

Topic Immigration Considerations Additional Considerations
Change of major Students must report a change of major to the director within 10 days of their change in major.
Dropping a class Undergraduate students must be in a minimum of 12 credit hours each fall and spring, graduate students must be in at least 9 credit hours. See below regarding online courses. If a student will be graduating at the end of a term, he or she may receive approval to be registered less than full time. The student must receive approval from the director prior to dropping classes. If a student is in his/her first year, it is also possible to be registered less than full time. Please consult with the director prior to advising students about this issue.
Online courses To meet the minimum required credits, only one class, up to three credit hours, can be an online course – the rest of the credits must be face to face, traditional courses.  Students may take more than one online class provided that they meet the minimum face to face requirement. Some students with scholarships from outside of Brenau (such as SACM) may have additional or more restrictive requirements. Students are responsible for understanding the terms of their scholarships
Withdrawing A student who wishes to take a leave of absence or withdraw completely must talk with the director about her/his plans prior to leaving Brenau.
Working Students are permitted to work on campus up to 20 hours a week during the school year. Off campus internships (paid or unpaid) require prior approval from the director of international students. F-1 students are not allowed to work, even if they are not being paid, until they receive approval from the director.  More information about work authorizations for F-1 international students can be found here.

An international student who fails to follow immigration regulations may have their status terminated and be required to leave the country.

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